Top 5 Footwear Brands to Watch in 2015


The tennis shoe is the same amount of a staple in urban culture as road craftsmanship or music. From the sprouting many years of the 1970s and 1980s, it ended up being the most visual and rather remarkable type of articulation toward oneself for our urban communities’ childhood. Generally as these major cities are a hotbed for style development, the shoe is regularly a portal to investigating this immense artistic expression, while it keeps on remaining the key component to all outfits. Simply ask any style-driven gent what vestment consistently manages their day by day strings, and I’d wager as a rule you’ll hear the saying footwear.

With 2015 going full speed ahead, neighborly civil arguments about ‘who will make the greatest sprinkle in footwear through the following 12 months?’ have been twirling inside our way of life, and additionally our office, for a considerable length of time if not months now. While names like Adidas and Nike quickly strike a chord for most, our sights are on the brands doing it enormous on a much littler scale. In looking at the previous year and the bearing of the business, we’ve arranged a rundown of tennis shoe brands you ought to keep a nearby eye on in 2015.

  1. a-first-look-at-greats-the-bab-01GREATS. From the psyches of John Buscemi and Ryan Babenzien, GREATS is molding the footwear business one model at once. Its gorgeously refined, quality-driven shapes straightforwardly draw in its shoppers, therefore taking into consideration less expensive stickers and shorter conveyance times. Basically, the twosome brings “the best, for the most, for the minimum.” Now entering its third year in business, GREATS is unquestionably bound for a profitable 2015 in the wake of securing an expansive speculation the previous spring.
  2. HenderSchemeMarchSS13NP1Hender Scheme. Japanese brands are known inside the design world for their capacity to rethink original and legacy based plans with predominant accuracy in both development and material. Albeit normally seen in the domain of garments and gear, Hender Scheme is a dynamic footwear mark in Tokyo that has manufactured a notoriety for its “Praise” arrangement — an accumulation in which appreciated tennis shoes, for example, the Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan 4, Vans Era, and more are reconsidered by hand with a full premium calfskin development.
  3. apl-concept-3-tidepool-2APL. Athletic Propulsion Labs, otherwise called APL, added to a name for itself a couple of years prior in the wake of building up a moderate innovation that was ensured to add inches to your vertical bounce, and accordingly banned from the NBA. The ideal specimen of “any attention is great exposure,” the Los Angeles-based brand transformed its ostracizing into a shoddy, yet unique advertising instrument to drive deals around the globe.
  4. buscemi-padlock-sneaker-640x426Buscemi. Ambitious person and architect Jon Buscemi shows up on our rundown for the second time with his top of the line eponymous tennis shoe brand, Buscemi. Discharging its first model amid the last a large portion of 2013, Buscemi has manufactured a notoriety for genuineness and the charming mixture of road and extravagance.
  5. Filling Pieces. Filling-piecesAt six years adolescent, Filling Pieces is one of the more, should we say, “experienced” footwear brands to show up on our rundown. It has little to do with its item range and more to do with the change in atmosphere. You see, Founder Guillaume Philibert comprehended the requirement for a tennis shoe that could cross over any barrier in the middle of streetwear and top of the line design at a reasonable expense…