Learn through These Simple Tips and Choices as how should a Maid Dress up for Work?

Work dresses are made so as to suit the orientations, ambiences and the tasks, the wearer has to engage in. All of the working dresses have been therefore divided into two types; one for the white collar jobs, that is the formal dresses and the second for the blue collar jobs like in the enterprising sheds. However, there are many other technical jobs like that of nurse, chef or house maid whose dresses are made out as distinctly different on account of the specific tasks they have to perform. Maid’s dresses are made out as for all diversity of house keeping works that she has to engage in for the whole day. Various parameters have to be ensured in maids’ dresses which conform to that of ease of doing varieties of works, the personal comfort and above all the looks if she has to take up works in any elegant mansion where rules matter a lot. Dressing up as maid also depends upon the arrays of attires that are specifically made for a maid’s work. Here are a few tips as how should a maid dress up for work?

Dressing up as a maid for work would first require the identification of the tasks that are to be taken up by her for the day. This will determine to a large extent as what type of attire she must choose for the day. There are a variety of specialty maid dresses available beside of course the must have items of apron, belt and others.

Here is a list of items that have to be depended upon to dress up as for a maid’s job-

  • Cord dress – a cord dress is a fine option for the majority of the housekeeping tasks for the day. It is a collared dress top, half sleeved and you can wear it with a belt to get ready for any suitable task like kitchen work, laundry and cleaning task,s among others.
  • Placket tunic – you can also rely upon the hidden placketed tunic and it would be equally good for all ranges of tasks, especially the room keeping and all sorts of second line guiding tasks over the menial workers.
  • Short sleeve Shirt – this attire would be good if some more sophisticated and lighter tasks are to be performed like arrangement on the dining table or the like. It has to be complemented with a pant or skirt.
  • Single breasted or double breasted Lapel dress – put on a lapel dress which is a long collared gown. You can choose upon the double breasted or single breasted lapel dress as per the convenience of the work to be taken up. This would be more appropriate if you are to take up general housekeeping or have to cater to specific persons in the home ambience.
  • Pants – this is the lower half complement for the shirt or tunic. A narrow cut pant is considered good to have the ease of walking.
  • Skirts – skirts could also be worn to complement the shirts and tunics. A black or grey tone skirt is a good choice.
  • Gloves – wear gloves if you have to engage in food serving at the table or other tasks like the closet and wardrobe management.


  • Apron – apron is a must for the maid dress and you need to don one during the kitchen and laundry works in the home. You can choose a bib apron, butcher apron or waist apron as according to the requirement. The first two are good for full time kitchen tasks while the waist apron is good for serving food and other tasks.


  • Headgear – wear a head gear if you have worked in the kitchen. It is recommended for hygiene.


  • Belt – have a belt tied around the waist as it keeps the cord dress or your lapel dress intact and fine.


  • Accessories pouch – hang on a waist pouch for accessories and keys and any other stuff.


  • Shoes and socks – these are the integral part of the maid dress. Choose flat sole shoes in black or jeans, shoes and white socks.


Dress up as a maid for your chosen work by deciding from the above listed options of maid’s attires and apparels.